Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Real-Resumes for Nursing Jobs

Publisher: Prep Publishing
1st edition - February 2003
Paperback: 181 pages
ISBN-10: 9781885288325
ISBN-13: 978-1885288325

Even within the nursing field, there are a variety of positions, and this book shows samples of resumes and cover letters that worked for real people. This title will be a valuable resource to nursing professionals who seek clinical nursing or administrative positions. Newly minted nurses and newcomers to the field will learn how to show off their clinical rotations to best advantage. Nurses often change fields, too, and the book includes resumes of nurses who have successfully transitioned into pharmaceutical sales and other areas. A "bonus" of the this book is that it includes samples of paperwork involved in obtaining federal government jobs: there are specialized resumes as well as the "resumix" and KSAs often required for federal positions. This book will show nursing professionals how to maximize their career potential, get federal nursing positions, and change fields if they want to!

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