Friday, December 31, 2010

Maternal and Newborn Success: A Course Review Applying Critical Thinking to Test Taking

By Margot De Savo, Ph.D. 

F. A. Davis Company (2009) 

448 pages 
ISBN 0803619065

Perfect for course review now...and NCLEX prep later! 1,263 questions address all of maternal/newborn nursing class content. 1,013 questions in text are followed by a comprehensive 100-question test. And as a bonus, there a CD-ROM with two final exams of 75 questions each. The questions reflect the latest NCLX-RN test plan, with a focus on content related to physiological integrity.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Coeliac Disease Nursing Care and Management

Paperback: 214 pages 

Publisher: Wiley 
1 edition (December 31, 2008) 
ISBN-10: 0470512601 
ISBN-13: 978-0470512609 

Coeliac Disease: Nursing Care and Management provides nurses with the knowledge and evidence base to understand the impact of the diagnosis of Coeliac disease, and examine the long term treatment and management of the condition. The authors take the reader through an investigative journey from the history of the disease through its pathology, characteristics, diagnosis, treatment and management. Clinical case studies bring to life both the physical and psychosocial aspects of care of patients making this an ideal text for clinical nurse specialists, Gastroenterology nurses and Endoscopy nurses. 

The aim of this book is to increase nurses’ knowledge and understanding of the care an management of coeliac disease, to enable them to understand the health needs of coeliac patients in their care and to assist specialist nurses in developing services for coeliac patients. This practical, informative and accessible text explores: The history of the disease, its characteristics and presentation, how to diagnose and treat it, long term support and follow up, the impact on vulnerable groups, and managing poor response or relapse. The book also includes a chapter from patients with coeliac disease, providing their perspective on the condition. Coeliac Disease: Nursing Care and Management provides an excellent source of information for specialist nurses developing an up to date service for patients with coeliac disease and will also be a valuable source of information for patients and their families in exploring the many issues of this condition. 

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Adult Nurse Practitioner Certification: Intensive Review

By Maria T. Codina Leik 

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company 
Number Of Pages: 416 
Publication Date: 2007-10-22 
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0826102956 
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780826102959 

Suitable for RNs preparing to take the NP examination for certification as an Adult Nurse Practitioner, these review books provide an upper hand to passing and excelling on the exam. Unlike other certification reviews, this book provides a special "question dissection" section of sample questions and test tips that help reduce test anxiety by preparing students for commonly seen questions and teach a critical thinking approach to answers. 

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Study Question Book

Paperback: 104 pages 

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
3rd edition (May 6, 2010) 
Language: English 
ISBN-10: 0763776262 
ISBN-13: 978-0763776268 

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Study Question Book, Third Edition is the ideal review guide for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Family Nurse Practitioners preparing to take certification exams and as a reference in the practice setting. The content of the Study Question Bookis divided into systems with an in-depth coverage of growth and development and health promotion and maintenance. Following each chapter are test questions, including answers and bibliographic reference. Focused on enhancing your test-taking skills while also integrating the principles of test taking, this study guide provides a comprehensive and total approach to success in the examination process. Intended to work either as a stand alone or in conjunction with the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide.

Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Examination Review

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional 

Number Of Pages: 158 
Publication Date: 2007-05-18 
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 0071470409 
ISBN-13 / EAN: 9780071470407 

The best rapid, last-minute review for the CMSRN examThis is the most intense, targeted, and focused review available for anyone preparing for the Certified Medical-Surgical Nurse exam. You'll find 3,000 rapid-fire questions accompanied by the correct answer only, performance improving pearls, key facts, and mnemonics, visual imagery, and other tested learning aids. Written by experts who actually teach review courses, Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Exam Review ensures your best possible performance on the CMSRN exam in the shortest possible study time. 

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide

By JoAnne Silbert-Flagg, Elizabeth Sloand 

Jones & Bartlett Learning (2010) 
Paperback - 404 pages 
ISBN 0763775983

Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Certification Review Guide: Primary Care has been developed especially for Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Family Nurse Practitioners preparing to take certification examinations and as a reference in the practice setting. The text is divided into systems with an in-depth coverage of growth and development and health promotion and maintenance. The common disorders of the various body systems provide succinct summaries of definitions, etiology, signs and symptoms, clinical findings, differential diagnoses, diagnostic tests\findings, and management\treatment. The final chapter addresses PNP role development, current trends and health policy issues including topics such as credentialing, legal issues, legislation, reimbursement and delivery systems. Following each chapter are test questions, which are intended to serve as an introduction To The testing arena. In addition a bibliography is included for those who need a more in-depth discussion of the subject matter in each chapter 

Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Examination - Review Questions and Strategies

By Jill E. Winland-Brown 

F. A. Davis Company (2009) 
Paperback - 516 pages 
ISBN 0803618190 

Test prep text for the Advanced Nurse Practitioner or Family Nurse Practitioner certification examination. Contains 1,900 test questions in the text that parallel the domains and content areas of the exam, 160 sample test questions in the back of the book that emphasize critical thinking in clinical situations, and rationales for both right and wrong answers to ensure understanding of the content. 

Making the Transition from LPN to RN

Paperback: 255 pages 
Publisher: F A Davis Co 
1 edition (September 15, 2009) 
ISBN-10: 0803621485 
ISBN-13: 978-0803621480 

Advance your career to the next level of professional practice! Here are all of the concepts you need to progress from RN to BSN and beyond. Carefully constructed interactive exercises in the book and on the web help you to use all of your current knowledge to meet the challenges you'll face on the path to your new career. It’s perfect for both classroom-based and online courses! The book works in tandem with its website to create an engaging and stimulating learning experience. Additional resources for students and instructors online at DavisPlus.

Maternal-Neonatal Nursing in a Flash

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins 
(May 21, 2008) 

ISBN-10: 0781792851 
ISBN-13: 978-0781792851 
320 pages 

Filled with checklists, illustrations, diagrams, flowcharts, and tables, this handy pocket reference gives nurses instant access to essential clinical facts in maternal-neonatal nursing. Contents are organized into tabbed sections: Assessment, Disorders, Diagnostic Tests, Skills, Medications & I.Vs., and Patient Teaching. Coverage includes laboratory values, troubleshooting equipment, drug administration, conversion formulas, I.V. flow rates, and much more. Graphic icons: Alert (clinical cautions, warnings, and important facts) and Snapshot (explanations of pathophysiology). 

Ophthalmic Nursing

Paperback: 336 pages 
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell 
4th Edition (26 Mar 2010) 
ISBN-10: 1405184299 
ISBN-13: 978-1405184298 

"Ophthalmic Nursing" is an invaluable resource for all nurses involved in ophthalmic care and an essential text for courses in ophthalmic nursing. This fourth edition has been fully updated and revised to reflect recent advances in diagnosis and treatment and developments in the role of the ophthalmic nurse. It includes a stronger emphasis on care in primary settings, more information on issues such as new treatments, infection control, use of technology, and greater detail on theater, anesthetics and recovery. 

Agnes Lee has contributed to Ophthalmic Nursing as an editor. Eleanor Agnes Lee, Robert E. Lee's fifth child, began her journal in December 1852 at the early age of twelve. An articulate young woman, her stated ambitions were modest: "The everyday life of a little school girl of twelve years is not startling," she observed in April 1853; but in fact, her five-year record of a southern girl's life is lively, unpredictable, and full of interesting detail. 

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Medication Management in Older Adults

Koch, Susan; Gloth, F. Michael; Nay, Rhonda

1st Edition
188 Pages 

Medication use is the predominant form of health intervention in our society. And as we age, the likelihood of medication use increases dramatically, with more than 80 percent of those over age 65 using one or more medications. Along with that, the potential for medication errors also increases. Indeed adverse drug reactions (ADRs) and adverse drug events (ADEs) are a significant problem in older adults. Written in a practical format by contributors from Australia and the United States, Medication Management in Older Adults: A Concise Guide for Clinicians presents the available evidence on research interventions designed to reduce the incidence of medication errors in older adults, with a focus on acute, subacute, and residential (long-term) care settings. Because medication errors can occur at all stages in the medication process, from prescription by physicians to delivery of medication to the patient by nurses, and in any site in the health system, it is essential that interventions be targeted at all aspects of medication delivery. Chapters cover the principles of medical ethics in relation to medication management; common medication errors in the acute care sector; medication management in long-term care settings; nutrition and medications; the outcomes of a systematic review; dose form alterations; Electronic Health Records (EHR), Computerized Order Entry (COE), Beers criteria; and pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics. For those clinicians especially concerned with providing the best possible outcomes for their older adult patients, Medication Management in Older Adults: A Concise Guide for Clinicians is an invaluable resource and a significant contribution to the burgeoning literature on medication errors. 

Pain Management: Evidence-Based Tools and Techniques for Nursing Professionals

  • Publisher: HCPro, Inc.
  • 1st edition - February 20, 2007
  • Paperback: 164 pages
  • ISBN-10: 1578399645
  • ISBN-13: 978-1578399642

Pain Management: Evidence-Based Tools and Techniques for Nursing Professionals is the new resource for your staff to treat and control pain using evidence-based tools and techniques. This easy-to-read book by pain management expert Yvonne M. D Arcy, MS, CRNP, CNS, covers all aspects of pain assessment and reassessment, including pain scales for a variety of patient populations. It includes case studies and practice exercises, empowering nurses to critically think through their efforts to manage pain. This is a must-have resource for staff nurses, nurse educators, nurse managers, directors of nursing, VPs of nursing, and staff development specialists. 

Acute Stroke Nursing

ISBN: 1405161043 
368 pages - PDF 

Stroke is a medical emergency that requires immediate medical attention. With active and efficient nursing management in the initial hours after stroke onset and throughout subsequent care, effective recovery and rehabilitation is increased. Acute Stroke Nursing provides a current, evidence–based, practical text facilitating the provision of optimal stroke care during the primary prevention, acute and continuing care phases. 

This timely, comprehensive and practical text is structured to follow the acute stroke pathway experienced by patients. It explores the causes, symptoms and effects of stroke, and provides guidance on issues such as nutrition, continence, positioning, mobility and carer support. The text also considers rehabilitation, discharge planning, palliative care and the role of the nurse within the multi–professional team. Acute Stroke Nursing is the definitive reference on acute stroke for all nurses and health care professionals wishing to extend their knowledge of stroke nursing. 

# Evidence–based and practical in style, with case studies and practice examples throughout 
# Edited and authored by recognised stroke nursing experts, clinicians and leaders in the field of nursing practice, research and education 
# The first text to explore stroke management from UK and international perspectives, and with a nursing focus 

Acute Cardiac Care: A Practical Guide for Nurses

By Angela Kucia, Tom Quinn 
Number Of Pages: 320 
Publication Date: 2009-11-09 

Acute Cardiac Care provides nurses with a comprehensive understanding of the current practice and principles underlying the care and management of acute cardiac conditions. It addresses the management of acute coronary syndromes (ACS) with an emphasis on evidence-based pharmacological management, cardiac emergencies (cardiac arrest, arrhythmia, acute pulmonary oedema, cardiogenic shock), current diagnostic and interventional modalities for the management of ACS, including risk stratification, and the ethical, political, social and economic factors that impact upon the provision of acute cardiac services in Australia and the UK. 

Edited by renowned academics and clinicians in the field, this practical text will encourage nurses to think critically about evidence and management of acute coronary conditions, and provide a guide on how and where to look for up-to-date evidence and guidelines. 

* A comprehensive and practical guide to the current practice and principles underlying the nursing care of acute cardiac conditions 
* Edited by leading authorities in the field with a wealth of experience in acute cardiac care and resuscitation 
* Has an emphasis on evidence-based practice, encouraging nurses to critically think about their practice 
* Contains learning objectives, key points and activities and further reading guidelines 

ECG Nursing Books

ECGs for Nurses 

ECG Notes: Interpretation and Management Guide 
ABC of Clinical Electrocardiography 

Advancing Your Career: Concepts of Professional Nursing

Publisher:F. A. Davis Company

Advance your career to the next level of professional practice with the guidance you'll find in the New Edition of this popular text. Here are all the concepts you need to progress from RN to BSN and beyond - from new and timely topics such as quantum physics and genomics and how they are influencing the delivery of care to domestic violence and the potential impact of bioterrorism.Carefully constructed interactive exercises in the book help master the theories that are changing nursing practice today...and help to apply them in the real world.Perfect for both classroom-based and online courses!This book includes: quantum physics theory and its relevance to nursing care; nanotechnology and genomics and how they affect nursing; the American Organization of Nurse Executives and magnet status; increased focus on data element sets and terminologies recognized by ANA and staffing issues related to safety; coverage of domestic violence issues; JCAHO initiatives; bioterrorism and population protection; and, more web-based learning activities. It focuses specifically on practicing nurses returning to school to advance their careers. It includes interactive exercises in the book and online. It adds a new chapter, Protecting the Populace, with expanded coverage on community health issues, including bioterrorism. It offers web resources to demonstrate how to access effectively the Internet for more information. It discusses delegation and how it relates to the management of unlicensed assistive personnel.This book encompasses all of the critical components of professional nursing practice, including effective communication, professional ethics, leadership, group theory, teaching/learning, and multicultural issues. It provides web links to important nursing and governmental web sites. It features web-based student learning activities for each chapter and a web-based Instructor's Guide. 

Clinical Teaching Strategies in Nursing

By Dr. Kathleen Gaberson, Dr. Marilyn Oermann 

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company 2010 
456 Pages - PDF 
ISBN: 0826105815 

This textbook presents a comprehensive framework for planning, guiding, and evaluating learning activities for undergraduate and graduate nursing students in clinical settings. Recognizing that clinical settings require different approaches to teaching, the contributors present tools-working models, learning assignments and activities, simulations, the use of Grand Rounds for clinical educations, and pointers on ethical and legal issues-to help educators meet the challenges of this complex environment. 

This new edition presents the newest clinical teaching strategies to ensure that it covers important new content, including culturally-inclusive strategies, current technology, NLN's Core Competencies, students with disabilities, delegation, self-directed learning, adapting to innovative clinical sites, virtual clinical worlds, and more. 

Community Health Care Nursing

By David Sines, Mary Saunders, Janice Forbes-Burford 
Number Of Pages: 392 
Publication Date: 2009-06-09 

Community Health Care Nursing has become established as an essential source of reference for all those working in the primary care and community health care domain. The Fourth Edition of this successful text focuses on new emergent agendas which affect primary care and public health education and service delivery/improvement. 

Comprehensive and accessible, this well established text draws on a wide range of subject experts all aiming for excellence in service delivery, to produce a resource that addresses the key aspects of community health delivery reflecting the reality of the new community/primary care agenda in the United Kingdom. Integrated throughout the book are themes relevant to contemporary community healthcare nursing, including Self Managed Care/Managed Care Pathways, Long Term Conditions, Palliative care and End of Life Care, Urgent and Unscheduled Care, Offender Care, and Continuing/Intermediate Care. The result is a book which focuses on new opportunities for contemporary practice, service delivery/improvement and education response within the context of the modernized primary and public healthcare service 

Key features: 

New edition of a well-established and successful text 
Written by experts in the field 
Examines competencies in practice 
Includes evidence-based guidelines and integrates national service framework requirements 
Includes new chapters on Advanced Nursing Practice and competence assessment, modernized primary healthcare workforce and workforce change, Commissioning, and user and public engagement 

Essentials of Gerontological Nursing

Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 0826120520 
352 pages - PDF 

Its brief, yet comprehensive, grasp of issues in elder care is a refreshing addition to the current literature, which is more commonly focused on theory than on clinical practice. Designed primarily for students in gerontological nursing courses in BSN and graduate programs, the book provides: 

• Essential clinical information and "best practices" needed to care for older adults 
• Current research and new patient approaches in gerontological nursing 
• Overviews of rarely discussed issues, such as elder abuse, cultural considerations, and restraint alternatives 
• Clinical specifications and practical applications 
• Content designed to fit into a one-semester course 
Essentials of Gerontological Nursing is everything the nursing student needs to know when caring for older adults. 

Drug Calculations for Nurses

Publisher: Hodder Education 

Published: 31 July 2009 
Format: Paperback 256 
ISBN 13: 9780340987339 

This best-selling pocket-sized book will help you to perform drug calculations with confidence and competence. The completely updated third edition includes community practice and primary care settings, and a whole new section on pharmacology and medicines to put drug calculations into context. Starting with the basic mathematical skills required for calculations, including tips on using calculators and estimating answers, Drug Calculations for Nurses progresses to give you an understanding of basic pharmacokinetics and therapeutics. It also covers how drugs work in specific groups such as children and the elderly. The book takes you through step-by-step drug calculations with units and drug strengths clearly explained. Pre-test and a revision questions allow you to test and be confident in the skills you have acquired. Key features: - content updated in line with current practice - examples and questions based on actual prescriptions - real-life case studies reinforce important aspects of the administration of medicines - learning objectives, tips, key points, and worked examples help you learn - pre-test at the beginning to identify any problem areas - revision test at the end to assess improvement and competency - logical format, ideal for individual study or a handy reference