Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nurse Manager Engagement: Strategies for Excellence and Commitment

By Barbara L. Mackoff - Jones & Bartlett Publishers, Incorporated (2010) 

Paperback - 250 pages

ISBN 0763785334 

Nurse Manager Engagement: From Theory to Practice is based on the groundbreaking and highly regarded national "Nurse Engagement Study" project funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The book builds upon the key ideas in the study by including examples from Dr. Mackoffrs"s conversations and key teaching points from her work with several hundred nurse managers in the three years following this innovative study. Nurse Manager Engagement offers a groundbreaking approach-one that distinguishes it from other nurse management books by a focus on building a model of the solution rather than a description of the problem. It focuses on the crucial role of the nurse manager in engaging staff nurses and building a pipeline for future nurse leadership. 

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