Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nursing Care Plans: Guidelines for Individualizing Client Care Across the Life Span

F. A. Davis Company 


ISBN: 0803622104 

992 pages - PDF 

More than just a book of Med-Surg care plans thoroughly revised and updated, this all-in-one resource continues to provide the step-by-step guidance readers need to develop individualized plans of care, while also honing their critical thinking and analytical skills. Over 164 care plans reflect the latest NANDA diagnoses and terminology. The accompanying bonus CD-ROM features all Medical- Surgical Care plans from the text, plus 50 Maternity and 36 Psych/Mental Health care plans as well as Pediatric Considerations. They're printable and customizable to suit your patient's plan of care. This book presents diagnoses by priority. It contains comprehensive rationales for every intervention. It includes index of Nursing Diagnoses with page numbers. It covers complementary therapies. It focuses on individualized care for client across the lifespan. It applies the body system approach to care planning. It provides guidelines that cover total patient needs - physical, cultural, sexual, nutritional, and psychosocial. It shows what to expect in the hospital and community-based settings. It explains how to document for government regulations and third-party payers. It identifies discharge plan considerations. 

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