Thursday, August 18, 2011

Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care

Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
6th edition - September 17, 2001
Paperback: 976 pages
ISBN-10: 0766805026
ISBN-13: 978-0766805026

Pharmacological Aspects of Nursing Care is an indispensable text for today's nursing student. Newly revised and in full color, it features a comprehensive look at the increasingly complex nursing responsibilities related to pharmacology. Drug profiles have been expanded to include information on over 1,100 drugs; information specific to pediatric and geriatric clients is included as appropriate. Full chapter on drug calculations and thorough coverage of adverse effects reinforce the significance of absolute accuracy in drug administration. Nursing process presentation now includes diagnoses, planning goals and evaluation of outcomes. Enhanced critical thinking exercises and case studies bring real-world point of view to material while reinforcing key concepts. 

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