Thursday, April 21, 2011

Social Policy for Nurses and the Helping Professions Social Science for Nurses and the Caring Professions

Publisher: Open University Press
2nd edition - April 1, 2007
340 pages
ISBN-10: 0335219632
ISBN-13: 978-0335219636

What is social policy and why is it relevant to nursing and other caring professions? How has the welfare state changed in response to new social problems? What roles do professionals and lay people play in providing welfare services? This fully revised text is one of a series of books providing coherent and multi-disciplinary support for all client groups involved in the provision of health and social care. The book examines the relationship between welfare and health and includes discussion of key policy issues such as: changes in health care delivery, regulation of professionals, privatisation, welfare pluralism, and, the tackling of health and social inequalities. The significance of social policy in preventing ill health and disability, as well as supporting the sick and disabled people, is emphasised throughout the book. This new edition is updated throughout and includes new chapters on: health policy in the post-war period; the role of health and social care professionals; and, the future of social policy and health in the 21st century. "Social Policy for Nurses and the Helping Professions" equips students with a lively, readable and well-illustrated introduction to social policy. The reader is guided through the material with the help of chapter summaries, further reading and a glossary, as well as new examples and case studies to reflect the different client groups within nursing. 

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