Sunday, November 6, 2011

Population-Based Nursing Care

East Tennessee State University
College of Nursing
By Dr. Audry Greenwell
Total Videos: 14 Episodes

This course is an introduction to the nursing care of populations and allows students to explore the public health sciences, health policy, public health ethics, health care delivery, and the community health nurse’s role. All students will assess the historical, social, political, economic, environmental, educational, health, and cultural aspects of a community and populations. (fall, spring)

Episodes :
1. Introduction Community and Health (37:08) 
2. History of Community Health Nursing (31:39) 
3. Epidemiology, Health Systems, Healthcare Economics (12:23) 
4. Ethical Legal Considerations 42:53) 
5. Ethical Legal Considerations Continue (56:40) 
6. Health, Policy, and Politics (14:12) 
7. Environmental Health (40:18) 
8. Health Promotion and Theory (20:49) 
9. Public Health Informatics (32:51) 
10. Communicable Disease (10:38) 
11. Global International Health and Illness (09:53) 
12. Chronic Illness (32:20) 
13. Complementary and Holistic Health (20:02) 
14. Cultural Foundations Transcultural Nursing (22:13)

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