Friday, October 28, 2011

Numeracy in Nursing and Healthcare Calculations and Practice

Publisher: Pearson Higher Education
Published: 09 Apr 2009
Paper 248 pp
ISBN-10: 0273720740
ISBN-13: 9780273720744 

Competency in Maths is essential for safe nursing practice; this is the only text to clearly explain Maths specifically for students in nursing and healthcare, expelling the tears and frustration that can be experienced whilst trying to grapple with the subject.

The author has been teaching anatomy, physiology and pharmacology to nursing students for 25 years, and is well placed to understand the fears that students have when addressing numbers and maths. This text will help students to handle numbers confidently in the administration of drugs and other practice settings. Clinical examples will be used to illustrate the use of arithmetic and the student will be able to work at their own pace throughout.

In addition to drug calculations, the text will allow students to feel confident in other practice settings such as: calculating the body mass index (BMI) of a patient, reading and interpreting a blood result back from the lab, interpreting demographic data, calculating the nutritional intake for a patient, and measuring a patient’s blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.

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