Friday, October 28, 2011

Student Laboratory Manual For Bates' Nursing Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking

Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Stu Lab edition - Jan 1 2012
Paperback 200
ISBN-10: 0781780632
ISBN-13: 978-0781780636

This Student Laboratory Manual was written by Jo Anne Kirk, RN, MSN, to accompany Bates’ Nursing Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking by 
Beth Hogan-Quigley, Mary Louise Palm, and Lynn S. Bickley. Each chapter has a corresponding textbook chapter and contains activities to help you retain and apply the knowledge you have gained from the associated textbook. 

Features include: 
1. Learning Objectives: Each chapter begins with a review of the stated Learning Objectives from the corresponding textbook chapter. 
2. Study Guide: The Study Guide portion of each chapter includes combinations of fill-in-the-blank, labeling, matching, sequencing, short-answer, and multiple-choice questions. All of these exercises help students to reinforce knowledge, synthesize concepts, prepare for tests, and ensure their understanding of Physical Examination and History taking. An answer key to each chapter is provided at the end of the manual. 
3. Case Studies: These scenarios focus on critical thinking. They ask students to consider how responses to patients would change with different assessment data, patient background, medical diagnoses, and other key variables. 
4. Documentation: Where applicable, the chapters include the Form for Use in Practice, which serves as a quick checklist by which students can ensure that they are covering all key areas of the health History and Physical assessment. This helps to Guide 

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